These celebrities survived 9 11 in New York by pure chance


19 years after the most devastating terrorist attack in the history of New York, 9 11, it is revealed that artists survived by chance

Nineteen years of the terrible attack on the Twin Towers in New York, United States, the names of the artists who were present in the attack are revealed and fortunately they are still alive, saving themselves from a tragic and heartbreaking ending.

It was on September 11, 2001, when the famous Twin Towers, the most representative skyscrapers in New York City, were brutally attacked and destroyed in a terrorist attack, where unfortunately, a total of 2,997 people lost their lives.

And since then, many stories have been written and commented on by people who saw the event, who lost a family member or acquaintance and people in general, however, today we will tell you who are the five international artists who were saved. of a tragic destiny, thanks to small actions that saved their lives.

Michael Jackson: That same morning, the singer had a meeting at the top of one of the two buildings of the Twin Towers, but it was his sister, Jermaine Jackson, who said in his biography that thanks to a long night talk he had with his mother, Katherine, he fell asleep.

Yes, the “King of Pop” was basically nothing to lose his life, but fate did not want it that way, however, his sister mentioned that, when they heard the news of the attack, his mother quickly tried Contact him: “We found out about this when Mom called his hotel to make sure he was okay and he replied: Mom I’m fine thanks to you. You kept talking to me until so late that I fell asleep and missed my appointment. ”

Mark Wahlberg: The Boston-born actor had planned to travel on the fateful American Airlines flight, that’s right, the flight that crashed into the tower, but at the last minute he changed his mind and chartered a plane with a group of friends to attend to a film festival in Toronto, Canada.

It should be noted that, days after the misfortune that occurred, he was strongly criticized for suggesting that he would have defeated the terrorists had he been present on that flight, literally, he told Men´s Journal: “If I had been on that plane , I would not have fallen ”.

However, on another occasion a couple of days after the above happened, he corrected himself by saying: “Speculating on that situation was ridiculous, and suggesting that he would have done something different than what the passengers on the plane did was irresponsible. I deeply apologize to the families of the victims.

Seth MacFarlane: The creator of “Family Guy” was also going to board one of the flights, but he arrived late due to a confusion with his reservation, it turns out that, his travel agent told him that he had to appear at the airport at 7: 45am, but when the boarding arrived it was closed and he was forced to wait for the next flight.

And it was until later days that he said: “I missed the plane for about ten minutes. It was definitely a very close call for me ”, he still recounts that with great amazement and a lump in his throat.

Sarah Ferguson: The Duchess of York was supposed to be at the offices of the “Chances for Children” charity that morning, which was located on the 101st floor of the North Tower, but an interview at the NBC studios took longer than expected and saved his life.

Rob Lowe: Eleven days before, and after filming “The West Wing,” the actor took a flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles without imagining that he was traveling with some of the terrorists. He was later called in to give evidence against the attacker Zacarias Moussaoui.


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