These are the premieres that Netflix has today for its users


The streaming platform is preparing for its last stellar premiere of the weekend with two productions that you surely do not want to miss

Estos son los estrenos que Netflix tiene hoy para sus usuarios(INSTAGRAM)

We know perfectly well that, week after week, the renowned streaming platform Netflix is ​​in charge of continuing to pamper its millions of subscribers around the world, minimally releasing a couple of new titles, to expand its already extensive catalog and improve the experience of its users by always bringing the best quality content.

On this occasion, these are two audiovisual content titles, which will surely make you stay glued to the screen, this weekend, since, starting this Friday, an original series of the platform will be available, and a movie child that will enter directly into the Christmas content catalog, as the dates of the December festivities are getting closer and closer.

That’s right, uncle Netflix dedicated himself to premiering his original series “Voices of Fire: United by the gospel” this Friday, at the same time as the movie “Xtraterrestrial Christmas”, the latter title, will be part of his special repertoire for the holidays Christmas.

Both premieres take place as the platform’s subscribers await the arrival of the last stellar of November 2020, the long-awaited documentary “In Wonder” by Shawn Mendes, which will also be available this weekend, so we recommend that you run for your popcorn or your favorite snack and enter the application so that together with your family, friends or partner, you can enjoy these productions.

Meanwhile, we will detail everything we know about the two productions that arrive this Friday, so that you can get an idea of ​​what they are about and so you can decide what to watch first, in addition to enjoying Netflix content from the comfort of your home.

First, we will talk a little about the new series: “Voices of Fire: United for the Gospel”, which will be a documentary series that follows the church of the hometown of Pharrell Williams and its mission to form the best gospel choir in the world. world with hidden talent within the people of the community.

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The production has six episodes of between 30 and 40 minutes each, in this spiritual docuseries, Bishop Ezekiel Williams creates an uplifting choir of non-traditional gospel music with the help of his nephew, the superstar Pharrell, and what a surprise, Pharrell Williams himself is the protagonist.

In summary, this series will tell the story of Pharrell Williams, who, with his uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams, and his team of gospel leaders, as they travel to Pharrell’s hometown of Hampton Roads, Virginia, in search of talented singers to form your choir.

For its part, “Xtraterrestrial Christmas”, tells a peculiar story, where, in the middle of Christmas, an alien comes to Earth to try to steal something important from Santa from the North Pole, this is the proposal of the animated film that, in addition to having immersing yourself in comedy exposes a valuable and quite important message about the holidays, which are already just around the corner.

Likewise, within the super cast of voices, we will have the opportunity to listen to Keythe Farley, Dee Bradley Baker and Kallayh Rhambo, among others.

If you were interested in the plots of the titles that we just mentioned, you should run to your application and start enjoying the new content that Netflix has for everyone, today.

It is worth mentioning that the month is not over yet, so in the next few days we will have some other incredible titles coming to the platform, around 10 more film productions will arrive in the platform’s catalog, so be ready to see it all.


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