These are the free PS Plus games for PS4 in September


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Street Fighter 5 are the chosen games for the month of September on Sony’s subscription service.

Battle royale and fight. Those are the two genres that will be explored in the free games of the month of September on PlayStation Plus, a service that opens the doors to online mode and allows monthly access to titles at no additional cost. These are two very different proposals: on the one hand, Street Fighter 5, the already veteran Capcom fighting game, which is preparing a new season with new characters and more news; on the other hand, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, a game that was released on PlayStation 4 in 2018, later than the other versions.

Street Fighter 5, the fight continues from September 1

It was one of the great exclusives of PlayStation 4 on console, although its beginnings were not easy. Capcom’s work debuted on the market with a shortage of content and problems in its netcode, so the Japanese company had to work hard to remove the stones from the road. With time and dedication, over four seasons, Street Fighter 5 has added new game modes, scenarios and fighters, free and paid content. Those who expect a sixth installment will still have to wait, as Capcom prepares a fifth season.

PlayStation Plus players will be able to enjoy the Arcade Edition, which in addition to the arcade, team combat and bonus combat modes, includes the online mode. It is not, therefore, the most recent version, the Champion Edition, which comes with many of the paid content released to date.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, also September 1

PUBG has the merit of having started the phenomenon of battle royale, a genre that has managed to catapult to success and that has fostered the birth of authentic money-making machines like Fortnite. Apex Legends, from Electronic Arts, Hyper Scape, from Ubisoft, and Call of Duty: Warzone, from Activision, are the proposals of these great publishers to face other colossi of the genre. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer action game that pits 100 players against each other. Once the parachute is open, the user must explore the environment in search of supplies that allow him to survive and destroy the enemy.


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