These are the free games for Prime Gaming in September


Prime Gaming confirms the selected titles at no additional cost during the month of September. Limited exclusive rewards for fashion games.

Prime Gaming, the new name for Twitch Prime, confirms the titles selected for the month of September. You can redeem them at no additional cost in your Twitch profile as long as you have an Amazon account registered in prime linked.

You will find the complete list below:

  • Autonauts
  • Pumped BMX Pro
  • Effie
  • Outcast: Second Contact
  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops

All five games will be available from September 1. On the other hand, from the 3rd of the same month, Rocket Arena, one of the latest titles from Electronic Arts under the Originals label, will be offered free of charge. Through this link you can access the section where you can get them.

Additional rewards

Along with free full titles, the company teams up with several of today’s big names to offer exclusive content on the platform. Two Apex Legends rewards currently stand out: the Custom Finish skin for Rampart (their new hero) and the Finely Tuned custom keychain. You will have to get them until September 24 and October 1, respectively.

FIFA 20 offers the seventh Prime Gaming bundle, which includes an 83-rated player (or better Player Pick) and 5 rare gold player items for Ultimate Team. In this case, it will be available until September 11.

Other titles of the moment also have their place in the promotion, as is the case of Hyper Scape, the recent battle royale from Ubisoft. In the first batch of rewards, several cosmetic elements will be added to the progression of the battle pass in its free version. You’ll find the Rare Affiliate Champion Takeshi, Color Touch Holografiti, Shhhhh Emote, and nine Rare Weapon Skins. Ends October 6. As far as Destiny 2 is concerned, the Duel Exotic Rewards Pack, which includes various customization items for your Guardian, can be ordered until September 23.


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