These are the first smartphones that will receive Android 11


After months of testing, Android 11 is now available on some devices. Google has just released the latest version of its operating system, which has cool new features. For starters, the products released this time around aren’t limited to Google-branded Pixel devices.

This update is also available on some OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme phones. In the coming months, the new version will enter other makes and models.

As usual, the deployment will be staggered, so it can take several hours or even days to receive the new version of the operating system on the smartphone.

Android 11 news

Some Android 11 changes are pending improvements, while others are internal changes aimed at improving privacy or making common tasks easier to access. Let’s see what is new in Android 11.

Better ways to communicate

With this new version, conversations through the messaging application will be moved to a specific space in the notifications section. You will also see that you can select the priority of your conversations from your most important contacts so that you never miss a message.

The new Bubbles function (which reminds us of the ones that Facebook launched 7 years ago), shows floating elements at the edge of the screen, such as recent chats from all messaging applications. New for Android 11 is the new screen recording feature. Most manufacturers have included this feature in their software layer, but it is a new feature on Pixel devices.

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