These are the best theories about the next installment


With the end of Peaky Blinders season 5 comes the beginning of limitless fan theories about everything from who betrayed Tommy Shelby to which long-dead character will return. The questions never end.

Could Aberama Gold survive?

It’s not that fans haven’t seen characters who miraculously survived deadly encounters in Peaky Blinders. But even though Aberama now has enough holes in it to look like Swiss cheese thanks to the Billy Boys.

It’s theoretically possible that she will return in Peaky Blinders season 6 in some way. After all, he has unfinished business with the Billy Boys who seemed to cut themselves unusually.

Is Billy Grade the traitor?

A singer by trade, he’s not a fighter, but he could be a snitch and would have a plausible motivation to do so after all the threats Arthur makes to him in every episode of Peaky Blinders.

So when Finn accidentally tells Billy Grade the plan to assassinate Mosley, it wouldn’t be so shocking if he betrayed the Peaky Blinders after all, he has reason enough.

What does the black cat in Tommy’s dream mean?

After dreaming of a black cat in some of her most suicidal dreams, Polly reminds Tommy in Peaky Blinders that in gypsy lore, a nightmare of a black cat means there is a traitor among him.

Of course, the person most likely to betray him apparently is Peaky Blinders’ Michael, who seems to feel that he is the best fit to run Shelby’s business ventures.

Although no one, not even his own mother, truly trusts him, he still challenges Tommy in Peaky Blinders. While Tommy believes without a doubt that Michael has betrayed him before and will betray him again.