These are the 2 cast members who fought on the set of the drama


The cast of Grey’s Anatomy is considered one of the greatest talents over the years, and it is not for less, because for more than seventeen years they have remained together on the screens. The cast is made up of actors and actresses who feature big names in the industry.

But, not only the actors have benefited from fame, since Shonda Rhimes, went from being an up-and-coming writer to one of the best-known names in television production. Another of the figures that caused a sensation behind the scenes was Denzel Washington, who has dared to direct episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

But Denzel Washington not only directed an episode, but was so intense with the show that he clashed with leading actress Ellen Pompeo, the interpreter of Meredith Grey. As is well known, Denzel, in addition to being an actor, has also directed and produced before, but never on television. Washington’s directorial debut came in 2002, when he directed a film titled Antwone Fisher.

However, despite the great recognition of these two characters in Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo and Denzel Washington fought over a change in the script’s dialogue. It seems that the protagonist was fed up with Washington’s demands, these were the words that Ellen yelled at Denzel on the set:

“Listen, you son of a bitch, this is my show. This is my set. Who are you telling? You hardly know where the bathroom is.”

According to Ellen Pompeo’s thoughts, she claims that Denzel “doesn’t know anything about directing television.” The fight led to Washington stating: “I am the director. Do not tell me what to do”. However, it seems that these differences are in the past, since neither of them remembers exactly how things happened.

Recently, Denzel Washington was asked in an interview about that incident with Ellen Pompeo, but it seems that there are no hard feelings between Washington and Pompeo, since Denzel’s response was “‘No, no… but everything is fine. ‘.

This Washington-directed episode was the 9th of season 12, titled “The Sound of Silence”. Despite the clashes between these two greats of the industry, the direction seems to have worked quite well, since this has been one of the most praised episodes.