These are possible remaining seasons of the Netflix series


All fans are waiting for season 5 of The Last Kingdom, but now that it is on the Netflix platform, how many more seasons there will be of the drama.

The Last Kingdom series is based on the stories of Bernard Cornwell, a show full of betrayals and loyalties between the Anglo-Saxons and Danes. But how many seasons will it have?

The series started in October 2015, but, during its season 3 it was transferred to the Netflix platform, here it received its season 4 and is now preparing for season 5.

Let’s remember that The Last Kingdom are book adaptations, so season 5 should cover the events of Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer, books released in 2015 and 2016.

Now the creator of the books Bernard Cornwell, had announced that in October 2020 the last book number 13 of him was released, called, Ward Lord, then so far they are missing for adaptations.

“There are 3 books missing to adapt the series of The Last Kingdom.”

If 2 books of The Last Kingdom have been adapted per season, it means that the series could end with its season 6 or perhaps a 7. Fans only hope that the series manages to have a closure worthy of admiration.

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