Thermaltake Introduces an Office Chair-like Gaming Chair


“Thermaltake”, one of the most important names in the game industry, announced the new player’s seat. Called the “CyberChair E500”, it is an office chair in appearance, but is designed for gamers with its features.

The video game industry has developed well, especially over the last few years. Parallel to the development of computer hardware, the gaming industry has connected many game enthusiasts to it. As a result, consumers spend a lot of money on both hardware and peripherals for the gaming industry.

One of the popular products with the expansion of the game sector is the player seats. Seats prepared for consumers who play for hours, are extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Thus, gamers can play for hours without being held anywhere. Now Thermaltake has created a special player seat for gamers who don’t like the roughness of the player seats.

Called the CyberChair E500, this player seat met consumers on the last day of the CES 2020 event. The product resembles the office chair in terms of durability and ergonomic structure is equivalent to the player’s seats. Thus, Thermaltake pushed aside the rudeness of some players ‘hated players’ seats, introducing a stylish yet functional seat.

The most striking thing about the CyberChair E500 is that its seat is designed to be almost completely air-tight. Thus, players do not sweat after long use. However, the benefits of the CyberChair E500 are not limited. The CyberChair E500 offers the same settings as a player’s seat. This player’s chair is designed for gamers in terms of functionality, even though it looks for the office in appearance.

The rear of the CyberChair E500 can lie up to 117 degrees. In addition, the armrests of this player’s seat can be adjusted in both height and width as desired. And if you’re thinking of getting a new player seat soon, you can wait a little while for the CyberChair E500.

Thermaltake has announced that the new player will be released in February. In other words, gamers will be able to have this product only after a few days. However, if you want to buy this product, it is important to note that you have to pay a lot of money because Thermaltake announced the price of the CyberChair E500 for $ 599.99.

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