There’s news from the Elden Ring! New information about the game will be shared at Taipei Game Show


There are good news from Elden Ring, which we didn’t get much news after it was announced in E3 2019. For those who are unfamiliar with the project, we think it’s an open-world role-playing game (RPG) from the collaboration of From Software (Dark Souls series, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne) and George RR Martin, the author of The Song of Ice and Fire, which is the basis of the series Game of Thrones. will be enough to attract attention.

The studio, which will try its luck in a very challenging area like the open world RPG, has made a ceiling for what kind of game Elden Ring is going to be because it will be different from other From Software games. However, the expectation seems to end soon.

From Software announced the Taipei Game Show event, which will be held on February 6-9, will share new insights into the game. Sony will organize at least a new video about the game will take place at the conference said. Whether the game will have a playable demo is a mystery yet, but it would not be wrong to expect a surprise from Sony and From Software.

Although the release date of the US-based retail chain Target, listed on June 30, 2020, has not yet been verified, we can see Elden Ring developed since 2017 on the market at that date.

We hope that all these uncertainties will be solved at the Taipei Game Show and we will leave you with the introduction video of the game E3 2019.