There will be no sequel to David Spade’s The Wrong Missy, Costar Lauren Lapkus says: “We talked about perspective”


Did she get a large collection of knives at the bachelorette party? Tim has finally found the right person for himself in The Wrong Missy, but a second Netflix movie is unlikely.

“The Wrong Missy” appeared on the streaming service in May 2020 and followed Tim (Spade), who invited the girl of his dreams to a working retreat in Hawaii. The only problem is that he accidentally texted the wrong Missy—the woman he had to literally run away from during a terrible first date.

“To establish a relationship with these guys was the biggest acquisition for me, to get the opportunity to work with David and Adam Sandler and all these guys, as well as to get the experience of participating in the film Happy Madison [Productions],” said the graduate of Good Girls. , 36, told Us. “I used to have to do it very little in a way. I starred in the movie “Mixed”. I had a couple of lines. So to come to my senses again and play a big role with them was a lot of fun. And it was just an explosion. I am very grateful for this experience.”

Although Tim’s nightmare continued in Hawaii, the couple eventually fell in love with each other. “I think they’re so in love,” Lapkus told Us, predicting where the heroes would be today. “I think it’s a really tumultuous relationship, but they make it work, and they probably have five kids, and Tim is constantly stressed.”

After the completion of the film, Lapkus welcomed a girl named Holly with her husband Mike Castle, and now she is going to headline the pilot of the CBS multi-camera comedy “The Sober Companion” with Krista Rodriguez.

“Making movies is a lot of fun, because you can do it in a couple of months, get the full story and come to a conclusion, and in that sense it’s really nice, and it kind of lives forever in a capsule. But what I really like about television is that it changes from week to week, and different things can happen,” American Dad! the actress explained. “The storyline may go in ways you don’t expect. And if you are lucky enough to participate in a series that lasts for several seasons, completely different things and amazing arcs can happen to this character. So I think that’s a really funny thing about television, just that it can go on. One thing that’s good about both is that with all these streaming services, people will find out something later.”

Lapkus has become more discerning in her choice of roles since she began her career in 2005. “One thing that worries me now is that I can say no, and when you’re just starting out, you’ll never give up on almost anything. “One thing that’s so important to me is the people I work with, and I’m very grateful that the projects I’ve been doing lately are connected to people I really love and have a lot of fun with. And it makes you feel really good, because at least you know that you are working with people who have the intention to create something great. That’s what’s been so great about some of my recent work.”