There Will Be an Alternative Ending in The Remake of Dead Space


According to the recently released list of possible achievements, Dead Space Remake will have an alternative ending.

The alternate ending has not been confirmed by EA publishers or Motive developers, but keen-eyed fans have noticed that they will be able to earn the “Reunion” trophy by unlocking the “alternate ending at any difficulty level.”

There are no more details about what the alternate ending will include, or how to unlock it, but with the release of the Dead Space Remake in a few days (January 27), fans won’t have to wait long to find out about it.

The full list of 48 trophies available in Dead Space Remake was recently published on TrueTrophies, where players can earn achievements by completing various chapters of the game at certain difficulty levels, as well as collecting weapons, magazines and schematics. Trophies can also be obtained by killing a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon or by tearing off limbs.


The initial ending of Dead Space is pretty grim, with numerous fan theories about what it means and Easter eggs from game developers.

Elsewhere last year, it was revealed that EA Motive’s upcoming remake of Dead Space will include “hundreds” of potential encounters designed to scare players who return to places they’ve already been through.

In a conversation with NME, Motive senior producer Philippe Ducharme shared that due to certain immersion-oriented changes that were made to the original game, the team behind the remake needed to add more content that players could find by exploring USG Ishimura.

“Now you don’t travel on trams and don’t take breaks between chapters, this is what we wanted to do to enhance the immersion,” explained Ducharme. “Dead Space was an amazing game in terms of immersion, how can we achieve this?”

Ducharme also shared that the developers of the remake sought not to add anything that could “offend ardent fans” of the original Dead Space.

In other news, Microsoft was criticized for hosting an exclusive Sting concert for top executives last week before announcing mass layoffs the next day.


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