“There were discussions,” Ralph Macchio Shares His Thoughts on The Prequel “Karate Kid” Dedicated to Mr. Miyagi


Ralph Macchio is always ready for another Cobra Kai spin-off. It is unlikely that the child actor knew that decades later he would return to the spotlight to introduce a new generation to the magic of karate. After all, it was a unique combination of culture and love of martial arts that met the Western world in the 1984 film “Karate Kid”.

After more than three decades, it has found its application on the modern OTT platform Netflix through the series Cobra Kai. Despite the fact that the series was at the peak of its development and gathered a large fan base, the creators took a powerful step to finish it at the peak of popularity. But the show only opened the door to new possibilities, one of which became another by-product of the prequel.

Ralph Macchio Explains what the Karate Kid Prequel Might Be About

Karate Kid was originally created as an inspiring sports film aimed at a younger audience. But no one could have imagined that this would turn into an absolute legacy. It wasn’t just about some battle scenes, but also about hard work and the bond between student and teacher. Martial arts teacher Mr. Miyagi is the biggest part of the franchise. Ralph Macchio, who was a student at the beginning of the franchise, recently shared the idea of a prequel that will focus on Mr. Miyagi’s life and what led him to the stage of life that is shown in the films.

“There have been discussions, but nothing official,” Macchio said, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

If a show dedicated to the character is made, it will be dedicated to the personal and professional life of the coach. How exactly did he come out of the Second World War, having lost his family and turned out to be a repairman? According to Macchio, the late actor Pat Morita also wanted to explore the character more deeply.

Although Cobra Kai was a leap into the future, he chose characters and storylines to explain them further.

How is the franchise based on a related storyline

A young Karate Kid antagonist named Johnny Lawrence ends up fighting Cobra Kai after being defeated by Daniel LaRusso in the film. His character develops strongly in the series, as does Mr. Miyagi. While there has been speculation that Netflix is planning a prequel, there have been no announcements of any new developments, meaning fans will have to keep waiting.

Would you like to see a Karate Kid prequel dedicated to Mr. Miyagi? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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