There is only one movie on Ryan Reynolds’ site


Mint Mobile + is a free video streaming service created by actor Ryan Reynolds, famous for playing the character Deadpool in theaters, with the aim of publicizing the American telephone operator Mint Mobile, of which he is a shareholder. The unusual fact is that the platform only offers one film in the catalog and nothing else.

The film in question is the action film Risk Game (Foolproof, in the English version), released in 2003 and starring Reynolds himself. In addition to him, the Canadian production has David Suchet, Kristin Booth and Sean Sullivan in the cast. In a promotional video released by the actor, the service promises “more than 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds with the quality of a 2003 DVD”.

Despite offering only one title, the platform has navigability similar to that of other famous streams, such as Globoplay and Netflix. It is possible to walk through categories such as “Top 10”, “Original originals” and “Half originals”, in addition to viewing several different posters for the same film, all printed with the face of Ryan Reynolds.

Famous for his good humor, the actor published a tweet justifying the creation of the platform, saying that if every telecom company needs to have a streaming service, he created one for the company itself, classifying Mint Mobile + as “the most streaming service accessible in the world ”.

Brazilian fans of the artist can access the platform at Although the service does not offer subtitles or dubbing in Portuguese, it is possible to watch the feature normally in Brazil.


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