There Is Liquidity For The Innovation Ecosystem


Ecosystem: Many have asked me about how investments in startups stand in the midst of the turmoil our economy is going through. Of course, this is not a good time… far from it. There is still a long way to go for Brazil as a whole to be an example of a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and for the emergence of large-scale innovation. But a lot of good things have happened and we don’t just have to recognize how to celebrate.

Regarding the questions I have received, I want to share that the market remains liquid for innovation ecosystems. Not only are companies very excited about the open innovation modality, but there is also a lot of investment available from investment funds and individuals, such as BR Angel, which is what I particularly belong to.

Regardless of economic instability, I understand that startups need to focus their solutions on innovating to solve business problems for companies or the daily lives of people and consumers.

Sometimes we are in the habit of finding excuses for our failure in the external world. “Oh, I didn’t get investment because we are in the middle of the pandemic or because the market is not good, etc…”. Not quite.

If you know the market in which your innovation is inserted and you are sure that it will make a difference or you have a unique product/business model, don’t let yourself be influenced by external factors.

Rest assured that if your innovation is capable of solving a problem, you will find the way. If, by chance, you’ve already heard a few “no’s”, take from these experiences the information you need to improve and enhance your innovation. You also need to be quick and flexible if any changes are needed.

The life of an entrepreneur is full of challenges. In Brazil, then, it’s not even talked about. Our recent past is full of painful crises. One of them, I believe most entrepreneurs today have never felt: inflation.

Brazil ended hyperinflation in 1994. The term startup didn’t even exist. Since then, several generations have entered the job market without worrying about it. But life is like that, cyclical, and we have to always get the best experience in each phase lived.


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