There Is Big News From These 13 Altcoins: Here are the developments that will make a sound!


This week, a number of altcoin projects announced their big news, such as metaverse development, wallet integration, migration to the mainnet, and the like. Here is the list of the biggest developments that can make a sound…

VLaunch platform is released

The fast-growing crypto community VLaunch has launched its multi-chain launchpad. The recently released launchpad will have a deflationary supply. Also currently Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Phantom etc. It’s backed by top cryptos and promoted by around 80 phenomena.

Metaverse-focused altcoin project Gala Games announces support plan

Peter Molyneux, creator of the popular fantasy game series Fable, has announced plans to create a business simulator for Gala Games on Legacy Blockchain. Also, to facilitate the smooth launch of the business simulator, Gala Games enlisted the support of FarmVille creator Eric Schiermeye. They also took the title “The Walking Dead” and supported Spider Tanks.

Altcoin Tezos is now live on Rarible

Popular Blockchain platform Tezos has gone live on NFT platform Rarible. Now, interested parties can start trading energy efficient NFTs with near zero gas fees. According to reports, Tezos is currently the third blockchain powered by the Rarible marketplace.

TomoDAO board members continue voting

PoS Blockchain Tomochain announced that it has started voting for TomoDAO board members. Voting will take place from December 16 to December 30, 2021. Also among the candidates are Thomas David, TomoPromoter, Shiva Maro, Ian Tozer and Simon.

Firo Mobil launches altcoin wallet

Privacy-focused Blockchain Firo (formerly Zcoin) has launched its native mobile wallet using the Lelantus privacy feature.

SHIB, MANA, DOGE and other altcoin projects are now on GameStop via Flexa

Gemini-backed crypto payment network Flexa has confirmed that American video game retailer GameStop has returned to its list of supported merchants. Earlier this week, Flexa also started supporting some of the biggest cryptos in the NFT ecosystem. Official announcement:

Multi-chain DeFi wallet moves to Ambire mainnet

Public records for the Ambire Wallet mainnet are now live; Early investors can participate in a lucrative liquidity mining program with hundreds of millions of WALLET tokens in the prize pool.

Orbs Platform expands to EVM-Compatible Blockchain Harmony

Orbs Protocol is a cross-chain product focused on EVM compatible smart contracts. According to the official announcement shared by the Orbs team on its blog and social media accounts, it has entered into a long-term partnership with Harmony, an advanced Layer 2 scalability solution on top of the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain.

SubSocial wins parachain auction in Kusama

As Somanews reported, SubSocial, an open social networking ecosystem based on Substrate, has won another of Kusama’s parachain slot auctions. Its backers supported the parachain bid with 100,420.69 KSM, or $27.2 million. This is one of the most impressive results in the history of Polkadot’s canary network.

Ethereum scaling solution Aztec raises $17M

Aztec, an Ethereum scaling and privacy solution, has raised $17 million in a Series A funding round led by Venture Capital fund Paradigm. Paradigm, which recently announced the largest ever crypto fund of $2.5 billion, led to a $17 million raise for Aztec. The fundraiser was announced on 16 December.

Nansen raises $75M to expand on-chain data

Nansen has raised $75 million in an Accel-led Series B funding round. The project will use the capital to expand its team and scale its data analytics capabilities. Discussing the funding round and future plans, Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik said:

We are poised for a new phase of growth accelerating our international expansion, expanding our data capabilities to support the broader Blockchain ecosystem.