There is a growing demand for wearable devices


New data was released for wearable device sales. There was more than 30 percent demand for wearable devices this year, according to new data. In addition, wearable devices are expected to correspond to a market of approximately $ 70 billion globally by 2025. As you can imagine, the dominant sector is health.

Wearable device sales increased by 30 percent

According to the news on CNBC, wearable device sales; More than 30 percent increased globally, with devices bought to monitor people’s health. Taejong Jay Yang, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics, states that consumers are purchasing wearable products that they can use to control their health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although most consumers plan to spend less due to the epidemic this year, wearable device sales have increased significantly compared to last year. These data, which are slightly higher than expected, show that if the prices also decrease in the future, it will become a more popular area.

Giyilebilir cihaz satışları

According to research firm IDTechEx, wearable devices will reach a market of about $ 70 billion globally by 2025. The areas where these devices are generally in demand are seen to be the dominant healthcare sector, including medical and fitness.

The most prominent actors in the industry are Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Addressing millions of people with both smart watches and smart wristbands, these brands will host devices that will appeal to more people in the coming years.


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