“There are worse things…”— when Jason Bateman answered the “stereotypical” questions long before the “Ozark”


As moviegoers, we often come across such brilliant productions that we think that an actor or actress was born to play a certain role. And, observing the success and praise that a particular role has brought them, the actors also play it safe, giving the same performance over and over again until it is completely blurred or, in rare cases, he is unlucky. Looking at Jason Bateman and his early career, the actor was mostly known for his sitcom quips.

The actor really tried to work in other genres, but the audience liked his comicality the most. Fast forward many years later, when the actor played the role of the antagonist and made it his calling card. Considering how brilliantly he plays every character and how well he fits into every cinematic universe, the actor was exposed to the dangers of stereotypes more than any other actor.

Jason Bateman talks about “stereotypes” in Hollywood

For those of us who have watched Jason Bateman play Marty Bird, it will be almost comical to watch an actor play any other role. But considering the fact that he is Jason Bateman, winner of the Golden Globe and SAG Awards, we know that he will cope with any role he plays. When Bateman was promoting his comedy film Extract in 2009, the actor gave an exclusive to Steve Weintraub.

Around the time Bateman appeared in this comedy film, the actor was already well known for his impeccable comic moment in “Arrested Development.” So it only made sense that Mike Judge hired him to be at the center of events in his new comedy film.

Everyone was thrilled to see the magic on screen with Jason Bateman starring alongside Mila Kunis and Ben Affleck. However, many fans wondered if Bateman would become another sad case of being typical in Hollywood.

When asked about this in an interview, the actor said that he does not have such a fear. “There are worse things than being permanently hired for a job,” Bateman wisely remarked. He went on to say something that even years later is worthy of an Instagram bio: “This business is complicated enough to be too picky, you know?” The actor also said he would sell himself to play other diverse roles.

So Jason Bateman may have ninety-nine problems, but stereotyping is not one of them. what do you think of his point of view? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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