There are rumors that Heat has 1 main trading goal


It looks like the Miami Heat took part in Kevin Durant’s draw.

The Heat are hoping to make a splash this offseason after a minor setback last season. They lost to the Boston Celtics in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fisher reports that the Heat favored acquiring Durant over Donovan Mitchell, who is also available through an exchange.

The Miami Heat are still focused on acquiring one of the aforementioned All-Stars, and several sources familiar with the situation have told B/R that Miami is prioritizing the pursuit of Durant, not Mitchell,” Fisher wrote.

If the Heat had acquired Durant, someone like Tyler Herro would most likely have returned to the Nets. Miami would also probably send a lot of futures and a couple of other players to Brooklyn.

Duran made headlines a few weeks ago when he asked for an exchange from Brooklyn.

Everything has been quiet since then, as the Nets are probably doing their best not to divulge information about trade discussions.