There are reviews of the bullet train, see what critics say about the comedy thriller with Brad Pitt


The new satirical comedy thriller “Bullet Train”, of course, has been created for a long time. Based on the novel by Kotaro Isaki, which was published in Japan under the title “Maria Beetle”, the film directed by David Leitch was launched in production back in October 2020. The A-list cast, which includes Brad Pitt, Zazie Beetz, Brian Tyree Henry, Sandra Bullock, Lady Gaga and others. When the release finally came out, let’s see what the critics are saying about the film.

When CinemaCon viewers got an extended view of the bullet train, they were amazed by the fighting scenes, and — as we saw from the dialogue between Brian Tyree-Henry and Brad Pitt in the trailer — this movie also promises to cause laughter. Let’s move on to the reviews, starting with the Bullet Train review from CinemaBlend. Eric Eisenberg rates the film 3.5 stars out of 5, saying that Brad Pitt feels a tangible joy from the role of the killer Ladyboy. The review says that the story becomes a bit chaotic, but together it turns into a fun puzzle:

Bullet Train does not seek to revolutionize films about hired killers, but instead plays with a mocking atmosphere that allows you to recognize the images and appreciate how the film plays with them. It’s a funny and silly action movie, both restrained and wild, as well as a satisfying release at the end of summer.

Peter Debruge of Variety says that the film is quite funny, although not particularly deep, as he tries very hard to convey the atmosphere of Quentin Tarantino. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry are cute in the roles of Tangerine and Lemon, respectively, and the battle scenes can be appreciated for the choreography:

The fighting scenes seem relatively original, which is impressive in itself, considering how many other creative directors are trying to stand out in this genre. Leitch tends to approach these confrontations the same way Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire once did their dance routines: violence does not need to be taken literally (which is sometimes difficult, given how violent the bloodshed can be), but rather appreciated mainly for their choreography. and the ability to surprise.

NME’s Paul Bradshaw rates the film an average of 3 out of 5 stars, saying Brad Pitt is directing this action movie while the other killers on board are struggling to keep up. It’s a fun ride, but not as fun as it sounds, says this critic:

As the turns continue (and as more and more famous faces appear), the bullet train begins to lose momentum. Crashing headlong into the sloppy end of computer graphics and going back too much on all the obvious revelations, the movie crashes long before it stops moving. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy every moment Pitt appears on screen. He stole the film using everything they gave him (a water bottle, a bucket hat, an automatic toilet…), he’s clearly having a great time. We are lucky that at least some of this is erased.

References to the fact that the film “derailed” can be expected in the reviews of the film about the train. However, Deadline’s Pete Hammond claims that Bullet Train has never been on the rails since the beginning, saying that the movie is so wild that it’s mostly animation with live actors:

None of the characters, including Pitt, even remotely look like real people, but they try, like in the old college. However, movies tend to work best when the characters have some semblance of a believable relationship with real live people. This one doesn’t seem to care, instead he laughs. In addition to the star whose natural charisma supports him, as well as his too often underestimated comedic talents, it is Henry who is the most watchable, even if his Lemon should confess the children’s book “Thomas the Locomotive” as his guide through life.

IndieWire’s David Ehrlich gave the film a C grade, agreeing with other critics that while the film itself isn’t very good, Brad Pitt’s joy is shining enough to convince viewers that they’re having fun too. From the review:

The bullet train may not be in a hurry, but Pitt always feels like he’s already there, safe in the knowledge that we’ll happily watch him smile through all the chaos that collapses around him (including two outstanding cameos, one of which highlights the actor’s star power). , and another who completely misunderstands him). Pitt’s fame has never been so obvious, and here it shines brightly enough that everything else is lost in the glare.

If you think you should see this movie this summer, you can watch it in theaters from Friday, August 5. In the meantime, find out what else we know about the bullet train, as well as about other upcoming projects by Brad Pitt. You can also start planning your next trip to the cinema by checking out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to find out what else is coming out soon.


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