There are new developments about Google


New developments have emerged about Google. In this context, it wants to update the 30 percent billing system in the Google Play Store, like Apple’s App Store. Google Shopping is facing competition problems. A new feature is coming for Google Messages. Here are today’s developments:

New developments about Google

Google plans to introduce updated Play Store features by next week, emphasizing the need for most apps to use the company’s billing system for in-app purchases.

Google had a policy of 30 percent deduction from payments made in apps offered by the Google Play Store. In addition, some developers, including Netflix and Spotify, avoided making these payments.

Google said in a statement that it has always been working with developers to clarify Play Store policies, and wants developers to comply with this policy.

While this requirement has existed for years, the report requires some major developers like Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder to pay customers directly with a credit card instead of their Play Store accounts. It reveals that Google is trying to bypass the 30 percent commission.

We know that the developers criticize the commission policies of the Play Store and App Store respectively.

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Google Shopping has been accused of failing to solve competitive problems. The new study says that while the search giant’s move to gain access to its competitors’ retail platform has changed, it makes little difference. According to an analysis of 10.5 billion clicks commissioned by 25 comparison shopping sites, it turns out that much less than 1 percent of traffic through Google Shopping is currently directed to competing comparison shopping sites such as Kelkoo and Idealo.

Version 7.6 of the Google Messages application introduces a new feature. While not yet available to users, Google Messages is clearly working on the app’s ability to recognize one-time passwords and delete them after 24 hours. With this feature, Google Messages will be able to automatically delete single-use passwords.


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