There are hostages in the Ubisoft Montreal office!


Ubisoft, which has won the appreciation of the players with many games, also carries out successful works with its offices around the world. According to a new report, there is a foreclosure problem in Ubisoft’s office in Montreal, Canada.

Ubisoft Montreal office has employees taken hostage

According to reports shared by social media and Canadian news organizations, a potential foreclosure problem continues at the Ubisoft Montreal office. According to reports, employees in the office are said to be hiding in conference rooms. There are also many security forces at the scene. The Montreal Police Service confirmed on Twitter that there was a police operation in the area and asked people to stay away. TVA Nouvelles News channel reported that a police force equivalent to SWAT teams was deployed in the region, according to the news shared on TV. Some employees are said to go to the roof and barricade the door. This can be clearly seen in the tweet shared by Eric Pope.

Eric Pope, a well-known community manager at the studio, said in aerial footage shown on television that his colleagues fled to the roof of the building.

A user on Twitter shared a video by tweeting “This is happening recently”.


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