There are five days until the magnetic storm, it can’t be!


Experts affirm that the magnetic storm is five days away from it starting and beginning to be felt on planet Earth, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The magnetic storm is just around the corner, only five days before it affects planet Earth with effects in almost the entire world, mainly in electrical energy, so experts say that it will arrive soon, this just when the Covid outbreak- 19 is increasing day by day.

The worrying thing is that scientists obtained a probability that this magnetic storm will be intense on planet Earth, which will affect the whole world, however, there is no need to worry so much, although it is necessary to be aware of what may happen in this phenomenon.

Effects on communications due to magnetic storm

According to experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences, they consider that a weak storm can cause minor disturbances in power systems, as well as affect the migration route of birds and animals, among other things, but that it is not even You will notice, that is, people will live a quiet life during the magnetic storm.

While the strongest magnetic storms, while they cannot be destructive like a hurricane or earthquakes, they can cause disturbances in short-wave communications and navigation systems, as well as disturbances in industrial power grids.

Planet Earth in the crosshairs of the Magnetic Storm

This storm is expected to begin on October 20 and day by day it will increase exponentially, they detailed that after October 25, when it is expected to reach G2, it will continue to rise in the next few days, as the magnetosphere of planet Earth will be there for three days still with a strong magnetic storm.

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