Theory claims Butcher won’t just manipulate Soldier Boy


While Ryan’s story may seem finished in The Boys, the door remains open for a return in season 3, but how will his arc continue? Perhaps a slightly older Ryan will become more vindictive towards his father, or perhaps Vought will steal the boy.

Alternatively, Butcher could exploit his influence over Ryan to manipulate the boy into using his new powers against Homelander, his biological father, in season 3 of The Boys.

Jensen Ackles is confirmed to play Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 and could be an ally of Billy Butcher. In exchange for helping take down the leader of the Seven, Butcher can promise Soldier Boy a seat atop the Vought Tower.

If this is Butcher’s plan in The Boys, it is destined to fail, as Soldier Boy is a minor version of Homelander, and has no rival at all with Vought’s supreme creation but Butcher knows of another I knew with powers similar to by Homelander.

At the beginning of season 2 of The Boys, Ryan also manages to push Homelander down, taking his father by surprise. Ryan’s superpower superiority makes sense, as Becca’s son is the world’s first natural superpower.

Whereas all the others, including Homelander, were developed in a laboratory. Butcher could be pushed toward a last resort: using Ryan’s powers as a weapon against his own father in The Boys.

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