Theories fans expect in the next installment


Sex Education has some of the best characters, narratives, and thematic lessons to be seen on any streaming service, and as such, everyone is hoping that season three will bring even more.

While Sex Education has been incredibly packed with information and fantastic footage, there are still a ton of items that haven’t gotten a good chunk of attention, and next season you have a chance to rectify that.

If the writers pull off all of the following entries in the third installment of the Netflix series, then viewers will certainly be in for a treat.

3. Maeve discovers Isaac’s crime

One of the most despised moments in all of Netflix history was Isaac erasing the beautiful voicemail Otis sent to Maeve at the climax of the last season. While Isaac was a compelling new addition, and clearly he and Maeve have some chemistry, his blatant disregard for his connection to Otis and a lack of really understanding her is reason enough that Sex Education fans have reacted to him in the way. in what they did. It is obviously designed to be a roadblock in Maeve and Otis’ evolution and therefore needs to be overcome.

Having deleted voicemail will be an important part of the new plot, and eventually the secret will come out. Fans are desperate to see Isaac suffer the consequences of his actions, and Maeve must be the one to inflict them. His act was a flagrant violation of not only his privacy, but also a gross disrespect, as he attempts to sabotage his relationship with someone he cares about for his own selfish reasons.

It’s hard to think that Maeve will be happy when he finds out, and Sex Education fans eagerly await the storm that is coming when he does.

2. Adam will talk to his father

The Groff family’s relationship is incredibly tepid, even more so now that Maureen has left Michael. Still, many essential things must happen for them, and this argument between Adam and his father is one of the highest priorities.

While the concept of confessing to your father is overwhelming, outdated, and irrelevant, as Michael probably already knows, thanks to Adam’s actions during the school play, it’s more about what the discussion represents to them, rather than the act of coming out of the closet.

Adam and his father have one of the most toxic and undesirable relationships in Sex Education, which has clearly led to a lot of emotional trouble for both of them. If Adam wants to move on with his life and truly find himself, he must detach himself from this toxic presence or find a way to work with him, without compromising who he is.

In the third season of Sex Education, Adam’s story is likely to be the best and ultimately confronting / reaching out and understanding his father is vital to making that prediction come true.

1. Otis and Maeve finally together

The thrill of the chase is usually very exciting on television, which is why the main character’s relationships often take years to fully begin. Shows often like to stretch these romances as much as they can, but Sex Education should culminate this in season three, as fans are desperate to see Otis and Maeve finally get together after dancing about their feelings of isolation for sixteen. episodes.

That these two finally become a couple doesn’t mean the end of their dynamic as there are so many interesting directions they can go in while in a relationship. This will be completely new for both of you, and there are likely to be some initial issues that make watching your evolution tense and entertaining.

The third season of Sex Education seems set to produce a lot of change for Moordale students. For these two to be relevant as main characters, they have to do something big, outside of a simple love triangle. Ultimately, fans have waited long enough to see this odd couple born, and they deserve to be paid for their patience.


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