Theophilus London’s Relatives Have Reported Him Missing


His family reported Theophilus London missing, the last time the rapper had contact with someone in October.

According to the missing person’s report (via LA Times), London left his Los Angeles home on October 15, and was last seen on Skid Row. On the same day, London contacted someone via text message, but no one has seen or heard from him since.

“Over the past few weeks, Theophilus London’s friends and family have been working together to piece together his whereabouts,” his representatives said in a statement. “On December 27, members of Theophilus London’s family went to Los Angeles to file a missing persons report with the Los Angeles police. Now they are appealing to the public for help with any information about the location of London.”

Anyone with information about London’s whereabouts is asked to contact London’s cousin Mikhail Noel via his Instagram account or contact the Los Angeles Police Missing Persons Department.

London’s cousin Noel wrote on Instagram: “Theo, we’ll find you. Your family and friends love you. We need you. We want you to be here, with us, in our presence. We are looking for you to bring you home. We appreciate any information that will help us find our beloved, Theo.”

 London-based record label Secretly released a statement on behalf of his family, who have not heard from London since August. “Theo, your dad loves you, son,” said the rapper’s father. “We miss you. And all your friends and relatives are looking for you. Wherever you are, send us some kind of signal. No matter what, we’re coming for you, son.

His girlfriend Maya Hatcher wrote on Instagram that London’s family “tried to contact him in various ways through different channels for several months, but stumbled upon a wall.”

“People who know Theo in any capacity have not heard from him for several months, and he has not posted messages since July 11, which is extremely unusual for him.”

Theophilus London released their debut album “Timez Are Weird These Days” back in 2011, followed by “Vibes” in 2014. Kanye West was the executive producer of this record, and London’s last album was “Bebey” in 2020.


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