Theo James’ wife Wouldn’t want to hang Out with his Younger Self


Despite his celebrity status, Theo James is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life. The actor is not registered on social networks and does not give many interviews unless he is promoting a project. James also shies away from talking about his family. Although he and his wife Ruth Kearney welcomed their first child together in August 2021, some fans of the “Divergent” graduate do not even suspect that he is married and is a father.

Because James is so secretive, it gives fans pleasure when he tells jokes about his personal life. However, he recently gave fans an idea of who he was when he was younger. During a conversation with InStyle, James drew a comparison between himself as a young man and his character Henry Detble in “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” He shared that, like Henry, he was much more hot-tempered in his youth.

Where did Theo James meet his wife Ruth Kearney?

Ironically, James’ wife actually fell in love with him when he was younger and more impulsive. The couple met while studying at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2009 and started dating. And while Kearney clearly loved the younger version of the “White Lotus” actor, James doesn’t think his wife would have put up with him at a younger age if she had met him today.

The Sanditon star doesn’t think his wife will want to hang out with him when she’s young.

“I think my wife (we met when we were in our 20s), if we went back there now, she wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy,” James admitted. “He did stupid things, was stupid and angry. In a way, it’s true; you’re constantly evolving.” Continuing, the Downtown Abbey graduate revealed that he has come a long way from who he was when he first met his wife.