“Then The American Is All in His Mouth” — Millie Bobby Brown Uses The Moment to Flaunt Different Accents With Drew Barrymore


It’s no secret that Millie Bobby Brown is a storehouse of talent. Since his first foray into acting, the child star has been winning hearts all over the world. Today, with a diverse portfolio of completed and upcoming projects behind her, she is one of the most sought-after actresses of our generation.


Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain, grew up in England and usually speaks with a distinct British accent. However, her move to the States and her various roles allegedly led to the disappearance of her original accent. However, the variety of her characters and her keen observation also made the young actress adept at different accents.

Millie Bobby Brown shows off her accent skills

Recently, the star of the TV series “Stranger Things” became a guest of the Drew Barrymore show. By the way, the two actresses had a fun conversation about accents. Referring to Brown’s latest film “Enola Holmes 2,” Barrymore said that she also had to use an English accent twice in her career. One of them was for her 1998 film Ever After, when the veteran actor absorbed “more of the royal pronunciation.”


When asked about her Achilles heel in the world of accents, Brown first took a moment to tell Barrymore and the audience about her accent knowledge. When she explained the techniques of tonality and technique, she even gave a small performance, demonstrating her understanding of various accents.

“In fact, an Australian accent can go very far down the throat, then an English accent becomes average, and then an American accent — all in the mouth. And all this is very, as if frivolous,” the Godzilla vs Kong star shared.

Brown also said that there are “certain English accents” that frighten and confuse her. She said that her father, who hails from the countryside in England, has a peculiar accent. Although he does not speak like an English farmer, it is difficult for Brown to imitate his manner of speaking. We already know that actress Enola Holmes has a very convincing American accent with a typical nasal accent.


Hopefully we’ll soon see her pronounce some other accents in her upcoming projects. What other accents do you think Millie Bobby Brown should try? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 broadcast on Netflix.


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