Them: horror series give chills in the crooked trailer


This new anthological series with a racial tone will premiere on April 9 around the world on the Amazon platform.

The nightmare will become real very soon. Amazon Studios has profiled Them, a new anthology horror series that will premiere globally on April 9. Where? On Amazon Prime Video. The series, which will consist of 10 episodes, will capture on screen the experiences of a black family in the 50s, a time when racism against these people was very intense. To whet your appetite, the platform has presented a new trailer, which induces us into a belligerent atmosphere, which becomes terrifying as the video progresses.

In the first bars of the trailer we see the happy family, just at the moment when they visit the house that is going to become their home and their nightmare, although the latter they do not know yet. The images of happiness continue for a couple of sequences, until other neighbors greet them with a contrite face. Teasing at school against the girl and tricks against adults anticipate that the outcome will not be happy. And so it happens. The clip flips and offers twisted and horror prints. You can see it on these lines.

The Great Migration, the great nightmare

As we said, this first season is set in the 50s, a time of absolute discrimination against the African-American community. In fact, the main family moves to North Carolina, specifically to a neighborhood where mostly white people live. It is time for The Great Migration in Los Angeles. The initial happiness of the family changes little by little, when they discover the evil forces that try to harm them.

Them is created by Little Marvin, who is also an executive producer alongside Lena Waithe. The main cast is made up of actors such as Deborah Ayorinde (Luke Cage), Ashley Thomas (24: Legacy) and Shahadi Wright Joseph (Us). Being an anthology, if a second season is given the green light, the story and the protagonists will be different.


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