Them: director explains the most intense scenes of the horror series


Them, follows a black family who moved from North Carolina to a white neighborhood in Los Angeles in the 1950s. The series works on concentrating all the terrifying experiences of when a person has them all the disadvantages of the world working actively against it.

The always terrifying and constantly breathless tone of the show is due, in large part, to its director and executive producer, Nelson Cragg.

Cragg directed four of the ten episodes of Them’s first season. Considering the director’s credentials, it’s not surprising that he was able to create the terrifying tone for the series.

In an interview with Decider, Cragg talked about how his work on American Horror Story, alongside Ryan Murphy, helped him shape the tone for Them.

He says: “Yes, these horrible things happen and happen in real life for people, but … for me, it’s about creating a world where you really care about this family. That way, you can really believe and feel emotions when you see these horrible things happening to them. So it was very important to create a really specific tone, and I learned that by working with Ryan Murphy for so many years. He’s a master of it. He is able to weave a tone that can vary from the surreal to the operatic and the dramatic, all in one scene. This is very difficult to do. But that is what I tried to bring to the show as well ”.

He also explained how he captured very intimate plans and walked through the most emotionally draining scene in the series – the death of baby Chester – as well as Them’s most challenging moment in the direction.

“It was very difficult for me because I have a small son who, at the time, was about Chester’s age. This episode was something that, personally, was a bit much for me. ”, Said the director.

Them’s full season is available on Amazon Prime Video.


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