Them: Amazon Prime Video horror series gets trailer


Commissioned in 2018, the horror series Them, from Amazon Prime Video, finally got its first teaser. It was almost three years before the first official news about the show started to come out. In addition to the preview, Lena Waithe and Little Marvin were announced as executive producers on the series. Check out the trailer and everything we know about the production below!

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To date, Amazon Prime Video has already ordered two seasons for the horror series. The plot will be set in the 50s and accompanies Alfred and Lucky Emory. The two move to Los Angeles with their family and find a predominantly white neighborhood. There, they begin to perceive supernatural phenomena and problems that they did not expect to have to deal with.

Malignant presences may not even be as scary as real life. With the arrival of the Emory, the white neighbors begin to terrorize their lives and try to expel them from the neighborhood, threatening the family if they do not return to North Carolina. In this way, the series will address important themes, such as racism and prejudice, drawing parallels between the 1950s and our current period.

Little Marvin, producer and screenwriter for Them, is known for other hit titles such as The Time Is Now, Jack & Jill and F-Stops. Meanwhile, Lena Waithe has participated in projects such as Master of None, The Chi, Player Number One, Two Brothers, Dear White People and more. Together, the two promise a series of horror that is sure to catch the attention of Amazon Prime Video viewers.

The cast of the series features Deborah Ayorinde, from Girls Trip, Ashley Thomas, Top Boy, Alison Pill, Devs and Shahadi Wright Joseph, Us. In addition to Lena Waithe and Little Marvin, the series will also include Roy Lee, Miri Yoon and Michael Connelly, of Vertigo Entertainment, as executive producers.

The series opens on April 9, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Keep an eye on the site to find out more!

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