Them: Amazon Prime Video horror series gets trailer


On Monday (22), Amazon Prime Video released the first full trailer of its next horror series, Them (Eles, in Portuguese).

So far, Amazon has ordered two seasons for production. The first year, which will be set in the 50’s, accompanies Alfred and Lucky Emory.

The trailer shows the family moving into a new home in Compton. However, while everything looks nice at first, your neighbors don’t seem to be very receptive to newcomers. Furthermore, there also appear to be supernatural forces at work.

Check out the full trailer below:

Them: learn more about the Amazon Prime Video anthology horror series

Co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios, Them was created by Little Marvin, who also serves as executive producer on the project, alongside Lena Waithe, Miri Yoon, Roy Lee, David Matthews and Don Kurt. Them promises to be an anthology series that will explore terror in the United States.

The first season, entitled Covenant, will take place in the 1950s and revolves around a black family who moved from North Carolina to a completely white neighborhood in Los Angeles during the period known as the Great African American Migration.

In the plot, the simple family home becomes a target where evil forces, whether neighboring or supernatural, threaten to destroy it.

Created by Little Marvin, the series stars Deborah Ayorinde as Lucky Emory, Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory, Alison Pill as Betty Wendell, Shahadi Wright Joseph as Ruby Emory, Melody Hurd as Gracie Emory and Ryan Kwanten as George Bell.

Them’s first season opens on April 9 on Amazon Prime Video.