Their own League Abby Jacobson and D’Arcy Cardin break down Carson and Greta’s relationship: “We really wanted to honor the memory of these characters”


Abby Jacobson is creating “Their Own league”—her own. The Broad City graduate does what she set out to do, exploring themes of sexuality and racism in her new Prime Video adaptation of the 1992 film of the same name.

“Their own League”: everything you need to know

Jacobson, 38, plays Carson Shaw in the sports drama, a married woman who joins the league while her husband (Patrick J. Adams) served during World War II. The series focuses on the story of the All-American Women’s Professional Baseball League, which led to a strange story between Carson and Greta Gill, played by Jacobson’s real-life best friend, D’Arcy Cardin.

“I think a lot of queer people obviously don’t speak for everyone, a lot of queer people had an experience when their first queer experience was [] a very important and turning point in their lives, and a very important person who kind of helps you get to know yourself that way or draws you in into this world,” Jacobson exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Greta’s character is really guarded, he has a lot of boundaries, and he’s going to shed layers over the course of the season. And at the beginning of the pilot series there is such a sharp phrase where she says: “I thought so” after a kiss at the end of the pilot episode. And it was so similar to the fact that even the thought of it makes me angry, because it’s such a question: “What’s going on?” [moment]. And then you’ll see why she does it. You understand why she’s with the soldier at the end of this episode. And just for these two people to meet and how they changed each other’s lives — I think that’s what we were aiming for. That your first gay experience is so important for all reasons, but Carson is also really important to Greta. And that she really is opening it again. I think it seems to Greta that she will not allow herself to fall in love in this way.”

The actors of “Their Own League”: where are they now?

In April 2021, Jacobson said that the series would be dedicated to “queerness to a huge extent” during an appearance on the podcast “The Last Laugh”. “Believe it or not, many women who played baseball were homosexuals!” she said at the time. “We’re not trying to ruin the movie. We’re just trying to find out a little bit more about what’s really going on with these women and dive a little deeper.”

Abby Jacobson and D’Arcy Cardin

For Carden, the characters’ relationships are “stormy”, “confusing” and “complicated”— and she supports them all the time.

“Abby and I really fell in love with our characters. Carson and Abby are one, Greta and I are one, and we really wanted to honor the memory of these characters. Abby and I always talked about the scene that was going to happen, and we always said, “Oh!” We caught ourselves thinking, “Oh, I just wanted them to do it!”, she told Us. . “She writes these scenes, breakup scenes or something like that, and we just cry.”

Jacobson and the 42-year-old Good Place graduate have known each other for more than 15 years after meeting at UCB [Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre] in New York. And this acquaintance is visible on the screen.

“I feel like when you start there, you just feel the story. I’m not romantically in love with Darcy, but I’m definitely in love with her as one of my best friends. And I think she’s the kind of Greta that we needed, and I think the audience immediately falls in love with her, too,” says one of the creators of Us.

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Jacobson even shared a cute gesture when she offered the role to Carden. She left a baseball glove on the doorstep with a request to play Greta.

“It’s very unusual to play these two characters with each other. And it didn’t escape us. We would pinch ourselves a lot,” Cardin told Us. “There were a lot of people like, “Look around, holy shit. Can you believe that this is what we can do with each other?”

The premiere of “Their Own League” will take place on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.


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