Their biggest mistake and failure with Alaric Saltzman


The popular Vampire Diaries series saw one of the biggest and worst failures in the history of one of its characters, Alaric Saltzman. But what happened to the character?

The Vampire Diaries series ended its season 8 in 2017, which has resulted in several spin-offs. But many fans didn’t like the way it changed history for Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis).

Alaric’s story underwent a great change in season 3 which began to disappoint many fans, after being recognized as a great vampire hunter.

Recall that Alaric Saltzman, entered the series of The Vampire Diaries as a vampire hunter due to the death of his wife, which had a great influence on Elena’s brother (Nina Dobrev), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)

Many fans of the series liked the way this character entered the series as a vampire hunter, but in season 3 in the episode called “Don’t be nice”, he is turned into an original vampire by Esther (Alice Evans) .

This resulted in the history of this character being one of the worst, since this does not make sense for this type of character, he made great efforts, but something that still cannot be explained is, how he returned to being human after his death.


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