The year 2020’s game is like a nightmare


The “2020 Game”, in which we experience all kinds of emotions and the events that took place in 2020, which we call “if it ends, we can be saved”, came out. This game, which is about the year 2020, which started badly and gets worse every day; You can play for free on your computer. In addition, the fact that the game is internet-based and two-dimensional enables it to be played from any computer that can connect to the internet.

2020’s game is out

You start the game on a good day in 2019. You run away from obstacles with the keys of your keyboard. When you enter 2020, you first save a koala from forest fire. As it progresses; You can escape from the coronavirus, spend time in quarantine, get vaccinated and kill viruses.

The game also includes many events that came into our lives in 2020. As you progress, you can see details from TikTok trends, the Trump-Biden race, toilet paper challenges, viruses emitted by 5G technology and much more.

If you can progress in the game and finish 2020, you can see some of the details that may happen to us in 2021 in an absurd way. Finally, the producer of the game, Max Harkavy, ends the game with a message that he has developed this game alone for 6 months and this is the first game he has developed.


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