The Y Chromosome in Men Does More


According to a new study, the Y chromosome in men not only determines the sex, but even affects the functioning of the cells. For this reason, some diseases occur differently in men and women.

A new study by Professor Christian Deschepper of the University of Montréal and published in the journal Scientific Reports revealed that the Y chromosome in men does more than determine sex.

Humans have 23 distinct chromosome pairs, one of which is the sex chromosomes. Since the sex chromosomes are XX in women and XY in men, although men share the genes on the X chromosome with women, the genes on the Y chromosome are only found in men. Until now it was known that the gene difference in the Y chromosome only leads to a gender difference.

Research carried out by Professor Deschepper revealed that the Y chromosome, beyond determining gender, causes cells in males to work differently from cells found in females.

Deschepper stated that the information obtained as a result of the research in question, if studied, could shed light on why some diseases occur differently in men and different in women.

Professor Deschepper performed a genetic manipulation in the study in question that inactivated two genes on the Y chromosome and found that some of the affected body mechanisms changed the way they defended against ischemia (lack of localized blood supply) or mechanical stress under stress.

Differences in cellular functions discovered in the new study may reveal the functionality of different genes found on the Y chromosome that has not yet been fully understood. Because the consequences of most diseases in men and women can be different, and the fact that COVID-19 has twice the rate of killing in men than women is an indicator of this.


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