The writers of the series “Very strange things” tease everyone with a blurry photo of the plot of the fifth season


In a rather cheeky Internet teaser, the official account associated with the flagship Netflix series “Very Strange Things” published a blurry image of a board covered with what is meant to be the entire plot of the fifth season. This teaser is included in the build. – before what is likely to be another extremely successful season for the team behind the project.

“Very Strange Things” is a modern science fiction series set in the fictional town of Hawkins in Indiana in the 1980s. that these events have affected some residents of the city. First of all, the focus is on a group of children who constantly find themselves in the center of these mystical events. The series was a critical and commercial success, which was to be expected, given that the production of each episode of the last seasons of “Very Strange Things” cost tens of millions of dollars.

The teaser for the fifth season of the series “Very Strange Things” was released via @strangerwriters on Twitter, an account created and controlled by the show’s writers as a group. The photo shows a large white board divided into a grid covering its entire surface. The whole grid is filled with formulations that seem thorough and confusing. Given the nature of the account and previous publications in it, which included entire pages of scripts of “Very Strange Things” with a detailed description of emotional moments, it is implied that this board contains the plot of the next season of the Netflix show. The post also has the title “Grid completed”, which once again indicates that the script of the season is completed.

This information would be a huge spoiler for fans if it wasn’t all very carefully blurred out and the background remained crystal clear, as if confirming to fans that this is an elaborate hoax. You can see several users responding to the message admit that they fell for his bait, probably expecting the image to clear up after opening in a full-screen preview of the image on Twitter. Such off-season antics on the part of those who participate in the show, for example, when the actors played the game IRL Dungeons and Dragons, reminiscent of the characters of the series, largely help to arouse the expectation of fans.

“Very Strange Things” continues to live up to expectations, gaining popularity among critics and fans, despite the fact that even the stars of the show, such as David Harbour, initially doubted its chances of renewal. Now the fifth and final season is approaching, and fans will be happy to see that the team is working hard and maintaining the quality of the writing of previous seasons, and the writing of the last season begins with a tweet about an empty board in early August. . Fans will also probably feel relieved, looking back, that the image wasn’t actually a spoiler for the climax of the much-loved show.

Seasons 1-4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things” are now available on Netflix.


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