The worst rumor about the Green Lantern shows that gossip is the weakness of every hero


Even superheroes are not immune from gossip, and the most piquant rumors about the Green Lantern prove it. The controversial story of Hal Jordan and a couple of members of the Birds of Prey shows that even DC heroes do not disdain scandalous stories that spread.

Under all the amazing abilities and fancy costumes, the heroes belonging to illustrious groups like the Justice League are primarily human beings. Despite the fact that the world may be in danger from threats such as Darkseid or some other collective of villains assembled by Lex Luthor, the heroes still need time to relax and blend in with each other. Green Lantern, for example, has a reputation for having love interests all over the galaxy. From his hobbies with Star Sapphire to fellow Green Lantern Corps members, some of Jordan’s romantic excursions have landed the hero in pretty hot water.

In fact, rumors that Green Lantern is hunting the cat are so common that his own friends have helped spread some of the most outlandish ones. In “Justice League: Cry for Justice #2” by Len Vane, James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli, Green Arrow and Hal Jordan blow dust in their eyes when Oliver Queen spreads a juicy rumor. According to Green Arrow via Black Canary, Jordan was involved in a date with Lady Blackhawk from Birds of Prey and Huntress. Although Green Lantern doesn’t say anything about this rumor, he reappears in Birds of Prey #7 by Gail Simon and Adriana Siaf. After seeing how the Pigeon lost consciousness after drinking one bottle of beer, the Huntress recalls how she once saw a Green Lantern knocked out in the same way. While the Black Canary is trying to get into the story, Helena readily shrugs it all off.

Thus, instead of a successful night with two women, the Huntress seems to imply that Green Lantern got drunk, unsuccessfully molested her and Lady Blackhawk and lost consciousness. However, such a story, gaining momentum and spreading around the world, seems much more appropriate for college, and not for the superhero community. But the fact that they wear tights and masks does not mean that the heroes do not gossip about their friends and allies. One thing fans tend to forget when reading comics is how inherently human even the most powerful characters are. Despite the fact that they face threats of the end of the world on a daily basis, they, like everyone else, have drawbacks. Spreading rumors and gossip may not seem like a very heroic thing, but when you consider how strange the love life of DCU residents really is, it becomes understandable.

Hal Jordan may not have successfully attacked Huntress and Lady Blackhawk, but the fact that a significant portion of the DCU thinks he did it shows that the greatest heroes are no different from people gathered around a water cooler telling details about their colleagues. The least Green Lantern can do is try to clear up the rumors about him, because this is probably far from the only false gossip spreading in the superhero world.