The worst and stupidest passwords we use online of 2020


Passwords, passwords, and more passwords. Since we started with the Internet about two decades ago and later with the mobile phone, online purchases, digital emails, smartphones, Steam, iPod, social networks and, finally, everything that the Internet has brought with it networks, our lives have been governed by passwords.

We have passwords to protect our data, devices, checking accounts, devices, etc., so it is normal that sometimes we resort more to comfort than to security.

The worst passwords of 2020

It is precisely this convenience that can be expensive, since sometimes we tend to create passwords of very low effectiveness, although other times it is directly to stare at the authors and ask them “REALLY?”

Although there is still a month and a half left for this disastrous 2020 to end, we can already look back a little and see what gives one year to forget. Nordpass, an expert company in this field and author of password management programs, has published a list of the worst and most absurd passwords of 2020, discovering that many users still use easily guessable words and have not learned anything compared to last year.

And it seems that the security breaches that happen do not seem to matter, and many / as users prefer to continue using words such as their own name, the name of a celebrity or that of an authority as a password. In fact, ‘123456’ is still one of the most used, and Top 1 this year.

Batman, Pokemon, Fuckyou

In this link you have the list with the 200 worst passwords of the year 2020, and an indicator to know if they were already in the 2019 list or are new, if they have become more popular or if on the contrary they have lost fame. We have many proper names like ‘michael’, ‘gabriel’; movies like ‘starwars’; characters like ‘batman’; foul expressions such as ‘fuckyou’ or, in a display of imagination, ‘fuckyou1’; anime titles like ‘yugioh’, ‘naruto’; names of musical bands like ‘blink182’; video games like ‘pokemon’; athletes like ‘michael jordan’ or simply ‘jordan’, and even novelties like ‘senha’, which is the ‘keyword’ in Portuguese.

There is everything, but what is most striking is how the most vague combinations of numbers are still the world’s favorite passwords. Easy to remember, yes, but so easy for a hacker to hack that it officially takes less than 1 second to create almost all of them.

Top 25 worst passwords 2020

123456 (up from rank 2)
123456789 (up from rank 3)
picture1 (new)
password (up from position 5)
12345678 (up from 6th place)
111111 (up from 17th place)
123123 (up from 18th place)
12345 (down from position 1)
1234567890 (up from 11th place)
senha (new)
1234567 (up from 12th place)
qwerty (down from 10th place)
abc123 (up from 16th place)
Million2 (new)
000000 (up from 28th place)
1234 (down from 15th place)
iloveyou (down from 14th)
aaron431 (new)
password1 (up from 29th place)
qqww1122 (new)
123 (up from 199 place)
omgpop (new)
123321 (up from 39th place)
654321 (up from 36th place)
qwertyuiop (down from 22nd place)


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