The World’s Top 10 TikTok Phenomenons


TikTok has millions of users worldwide and its reputation continues to spread day by day. Only in Turkey with more than 30 million users TikTok, the phenomenon of breaking ratings records are also hosts of. We have examined the 10 Tiktokers with the most followers on TikTok with their details.

TikTok is a world famous social media platform. Users all over the world offer a pleasant feast to the audience with the videos they have shot. Those who post the most remarkable and entertaining videos turn into a phenomenon.

Tiktoker, that is, TikTok phenomena, who have millions of followers, are not only famous but also make good money from this business. We have listed the top 10 Tiktokers, who really care about quality, who have become world-famous for their efforts, not easy ways like the TikTok follower cheat.

TikTok accounts with the most followers:

Charli D’amelio – 87 million
Addison Rae – 60 million
Zach King – 50 million
Loren Gray – 47 million
TikTok – 47 million
Spencer X – 44 million
Riyaz – 43 million
Michael Le – 39 million
Dixie D’Amelio – 38 million units
Will Smith – 37 million
10. Will Smith
Number of followers: 37 million
Number of likes: 180 million

We start our list with the famous Hollywood star Will Smith, who we are used to seeing on the big screen. Will Smith, who is already extremely successful in acting, continues to make his fans laugh over TikTok.

Smith started publishing videos on TikTok in 2019 and the number of followers he has had since then is quite high. The videos shot by the famous actor are the kind that will make everyone laugh. However, Smith does not forget to post responsive posts from time to time. Among the world famous people who have TikTok accounts are names such as Miley Cyrus, Cardi B and Alicia Keys.

Dixie d’amelio

Number of followers: 38 million
Number of likes: 1 billion

Besides being a TikTok star, Dixie D’amelio is a singer who also posts her works on YouTube. Dixie, who appeared in a series called Attaway General on YouTube in 2020, continues to publish funny and entertaining videos on TikTok.

We can say that Dixie D’Amelio and his brother Charlie D’Amelio took TikTok by storm. Dixie does not neglect to promote the products she likes on her profile as well as the fun videos she shares.

Michael le

Number of followers: 39 million
Number of likes: 1 billion

Michael Le, also known as JustMaiko, is a Florida dancer, choreographer and social media phenomenon. Michael started sharing videos of TikTok in 2016, when he was known as, and since then he has attracted great attention on many platforms of social media.


Number of followers: 43 million
Number of likes: 2 billion

Riyaz Aly is a hugely popular social media phenomenon in India. Riyaz, who is very interested in the videos on his TikTok page, includes various videos in his profile. In addition to being a TikTok phenomenon, Riyaz also acts as an actor and model in his own country.

Spencer X

Number of followers: 44 million
Number of likes: 1 billion

Spencer X is a famous beatboxing artist who has shot TikTok videos for his 44 million followers. Born and raised in New York, the artist has become famous with the songs he has released over time and has collaborated with famous names such as Alicia Keys, Marshmallow and Sean Kingston.

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Spencer doesn’t just share beatboxing videos on TikTok. The social media phenomenon, which has an extremely entertaining sense of humor, also includes small scenarios that he wrote and played himself in his profile.


Number of followers: 47 million
Number of likes: 238 million

TikTok’s own account ranks sixth among TikTok accounts with the most followers. TikTok publishes how-to videos for TikTok users to use the app in a more professional way with the motto Make your day beautiful.

In TikTok’s own account, you can find answers to questions such as how to live broadcast in the application or how to add text to the cover photo, and if you are on your way to becoming a phenomenon, you can make your profile look more professional.

Loren gray

Number of followers: 49 million
Number of likes: 3 billion

Loren Gray, who joined TikTok in 2015, is a singer and social media phenomenon known as Loren Gray Beech on the internet. Ever since Loren started to make a name for herself on social media channels, she has attracted great attention both with her voice and with her dance videos. Loren currently has 49 million followers on TikTok and 20 million followers on Instagram.

Zach King

Number of followers: 50 million
Number of likes: 570 million

Zach, originally named Zachary Michael King, is an American Tiktoker and filmmaker. Zach King, formerly famous on Vine, a social media platform similar to TikTok, was born in 1990 and has roots in both China and Australia.

Having broken watch records since joining TikTok in 2016, Zach is now the third most watched person on TikTok. Zach continues to build his reputation with videos where he pretends to do magic the most in the past.

Addison Rae

Number of followers: 60 million
Number of likes: 4 billion

Addison Rae Easterling, by his full name, is an American TikToker and a dancer. Even though he was born in 2000, Addison Rae has been successful in social media and has been selected as the top earner from TikTok in 2020 by Forbes magazine.

Addison started dancing when he was 6 years old, and dance has become a passion for him ever since. Addison, who won first places with the competitions he participated in, has managed to become a famous name by moving his skills to social media. Addison is also a member of the dance group Hype House, founded in collaboration with TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio

Number of followers: 87 million
Number of likes: 7 billion

Charli D’amelio is the sister of Dixie D’Amelio, who is only 16 years old and has a high number of followers. Charli, a famous TikToker and dancer, is named TikTok’s ruling queen by the New York Times.

Charli is currently at the top of the list as the person with the most followers and likes on TikTok. Charli, which reached the top in just 10 months with the fun and dance videos she published, continues to upload videos daily.


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