The world’s only Ferrari engine BMW E92 M3


A car enthusiast who owns a BMW E92 M3 replaced the V8 engine in his car with a Ferrari engine. 3 years of interesting work made the already quite impressive E92 M3 even more unique. This vehicle is the only BMW with Ferrari engine in the world.

A BMW owner will have seen the company’s offer insufficient that he signed a project you have probably never seen before. He shared with the public the crazy, world’s only Ferrari engine BMW M3, which dismantled the V8 engine owned by the BMW M3 and replaced it with a Ferrari engine.

BMW built the engine of the E92 M3 into a V8 in 2007. Although this was not liked by some consumers and technical critics, many people were quite satisfied with this engine option. Because the E92 M3 with V8 engine had a magnificent sound. However, it seems that someone purchased a Ferrari engine from Italy, not liking the sound offered by the V8 engine.

Here’s that BMW E92 M3 with Ferrari engine

The owner states that he spent 3 years trying to add a Ferrari engine to his BMW E92 M3. In this context, adding a body kit that covers the entire vehicle, the vehicle owner uses darkened headlights, 19-inch wheels and quite striking spoilers. In addition, the vehicle owner, who added a self-adjusting air suspension system to his vehicle, integrated his vehicle with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In this way, the Ferrari engine E92 M3 offers a more enjoyable driving experience.

Here’s the Ferrari engine under the hood of BMW

BMW E92 M3 with Ferrari engine is currently 300 horsepower. However, the owner continues his studies and plans to add a turbocharger to this engine. Once this dream comes true, the BMW E92 M3 will be slightly more powerful than 335 horsepower. When the project is fully completed, we can safely say that the Ferrari engined E92 M3 will be a complete beast.

By the way, the inside of the vehicle is as different as the outside. The owner wears a steering wheel from the limited edition M3 CSL inside the Ferrari-powered BMW E92 M3. In addition, the vehicle has been redesigned with racing seats. The project, which has been worked on for 3 years, is the kind that will excite many BMW fans, although it is not completely finished for now. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with a YouTube video in which this BMW with Ferrari engine is introduced.

Here’s that video of BMW E92 M3 with Ferrari engine


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