The world’s most valuable company has changed again!


Which is the most valuable company in the world? Many answer this question with Apple, with a market value of over $ 1 trillion. Yes, Apple is the owner of this title, but he was able to get it back to another company these days.

Apple becomes the world’s most valuable company again

Why did Apple lose this title? Saudi oil company Aramco became the world’s most valuable company when it was offered to the public with a market value of $ 1.7 trillion. In the same period, Apple’s market value was $ 1.2 trillion. The effect of recent developments, especially the Corona virus epidemic, on the oil price damaged the company. Lastly, the most valuable company was Apple again, with the shares losing 6.84 percent in the stock market today.

The current situation in Apple shares is around $ 411.08, so the company’s market value has reached $ 1.78 billion. Saudi Aramco’s value fell 10 billion dollars behind Apple.

Apple’s share of the stock market in FED’s opening the taps in March and supporting the stock market is great. Of course, as we mentioned above, the big drop in oil prices made it easier for Apple to catch up with Aramco.


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