The world’s highest capacity SSD was introduced!


SSDs, one of the popular technologies of recent times, continue to evolve. Nimbus, one of the SSD manufacturers, introduced the world’s highest capacity SSD. Details about these Nimbus SSDs, which come up with 3 different storage options, are in our news …

Highest capacity SSD: Nimbus

Nimbus Data has unveiled the world’s highest capacity QLC flash SSD. ExaDrive NL offers 64 TB storage space to the user in a complete SSD. The size of this SSD, which stands out with its high capacity, does not go unnoticed.

One of the most important points for the user is that SSDs do not contain any mechanical parts. In this way, mechanical malfunctions can be easily prevented and provides advantage to users in long-term use.

As it is known, computer users now prefer SSDs, which attract attention with their speed, instead of HDDs. Therefore, memory manufacturers make production and development in line with the needs of users. This SSD series, developed by Nimbus, comes with 3 different storage options.

If we look at them in order; We encounter 16 TB, 32 TB and 64 TB. The prices of Nimbus SSDs, which bring together high storage options with users, can burn the pockets. In this new family of Nimbus SSDs, it is $ 2,900 for the 16 TB model, $ 5,600 for the 32 TB model, and $ 10,900 for the 64 TB model.


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