The World of Warcraft Guild was ridiculed because of a strange ad about hiring “moderately attractive women”


Over the past year, World of Warcraft has been under scrutiny due to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against it. It seems that one of the guilds of World of Warcraft is not bothered by the inscriptions on the wall using an advertising campaign that caused negative publicity.

A guild recruitment offer was sent to a World of Warcraft player and Reddit user AtlasDestiny. Despite the fact that the guild’s name was blurred, recruiting was widespread and well—known enough that other players identified the guild as “Desperate Degenerates” on Moon Guard, one of the two main role-playing servers in the North American region in World of Warcraft.

In fairness, it should be noted that the field itself is relatively calm. After stating that the guild is “new” and accepts all players, she boldly stated that “moderately attractive women will be given special attention.” Apart from one questionable part of the speech, the statement itself is quite polite and attractive — it’s just that this mocking joke is inappropriate in World of Warcraft. Although, most likely, this is not enough to attract guild members to punitive measures.

They really know how to recruit them out of nothing

While this comment might have seemed a little funnier 15 years ago, when the false notion that women don’t play video games was more widespread, it seems pretty deaf today, especially in light of the recent World of Warcraft atmosphere. Many fans agreed: in less than 24 hours, the appeal post received more than 300 comments. Most of the comments mocked the “Desperate Degenerates” and joked about what a “moderately attractive woman” is in general.

Recruiting Desperate Degenerate was almost certainly meant to be a light-hearted joke, especially considering the name. Some fans came to the guild’s defense, arguing that the joke was almost certainly self-aware, not serious. With a name like Desperate Degenerates, it’s more like a guild full of guys trying to be funny, rather than a group of real creeps.

Unfortunately, creepy is exactly what comes from such a guild advertisement. Despite their attempts, many more players found the ads disturbing, repulsive or embarrassing than funny. To make matters worse, some players who had experience playing with “Desperate Degenerates” claimed that some of the guild members had actually been creepy to them in the past. It seems that Desperate Degenerates may want to consider reconsidering its hiring offer to the guild if it really wants to attract new World of Warcraft players to join them in the future.

World of Warcraft is already available on PC.


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