The world of sports media reacts to the news about the return of Stephen A. Smith – The Spun: what is trending in the sports world today


Steven A. Smith has disappeared from the ESPN broadcast as he continues rehabilitation after shoulder surgery, but the “First Take” personality says he will be back soon.

Sending a tweet on Monday: “One week before returning to “First Take”…….and the bill!”

The world of sports media reacted to the upcoming return of Stephen A. on social networks.

“Oh, thank God,” one of the viewers replied.

“One week until the replay,” said another.

“You have a shoulder [injury]. Your shoulders are far from your heart, young man. All this free time has tarnished your legacy. Ben Simmons from ESPN,” a PFT commentator tweeted.

“Hurry up.!” another commented. [Expletive] boring.! Very dry information is provided. Energy at 0. Stephen A.’s energy, excitement, comedy, as well as detailed information are of great importance here!”

Stephen A. was absent for about six weeks after the operation. But fans will have to wait another seven days to see him back at the “First Take” table.


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