The world of Netflix surprised by the sad goodbye of another of the Marvel series


Netflix has canceled its original family superhero series Raising Dion after 2 seasons on the streaming platform. Raising Dion, based on a 2015 comic book series, follows a widowed mother raising her young son, who begins to manifest superhuman abilities. The combined family drama and superhero adventure series debuted in 2020, proved popular with Netflix users, and returned for a second season earlier this year.

Raising Dion releases new heroes and villains into the world, and promises an all-out superhero war. The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has launched a new era of comic book adaptations, and Netflix has shown that it doesn’t need Marvel with hits like The Umbrella Academy, Locke & Key, and Raising Dion. The last of these three is based on the comics by Dennis Liu and tells the story of a woman named Nicole whose son possesses superpowers.

Now, following the recent conclusion of its second outing, Netflix has officially canceled Raising Dion. The news comes as an unexpected and disappointing outcome for everyone involved and has been confirmed via Instagram by young cast member Sammi Haney, who plays Esperanza on the show. The actor thanks fans online, saying “Season 2 was a success.”

The Raising Dion season 2 finale left the show wide open for a planned third outing, with the plot seemingly setting up an exciting new story involving time travel elements. Unfortunately, the show joins a long list of Netflix original shows being discontinued after a couple of seasons.

Netflix has been criticized in the past for canceling its most promising projects (Sense8 or Glow) ahead of time. Netflix recently reported losses for the first time in its decade-long dominance of the streaming wars.

Thus, the platform announced that it would be cutting certain aspects of its brand, including its animation studio. Raising Dion unfortunately becomes the next victim of Netflix’s harshest spell on record, but it’s not the only project in 2022 that just missed out on continuing its story.