The world of music and entertainment reacted to the dismissal of Quasi Kwarteng a from the post of chancellor


The world of music and entertainment reacted to the news that Prime Minister Liz Truss dismissed Kwasi Kvarteng from the post of chancellor.

Since taking office just 38 days ago, Kvarteng has been sharply criticized for a mini-budget in which he outlined a series of tax cuts and new economic measures, which he then abandoned under pressure from the public and many deputies.

After it became known that Kvarteng had to interrupt a trip to the United States to return to London for talks with the Track, the former chancellor confirmed earlier today that he had been fired, but still trusts the Track as prime minister.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister and posted on Twitter, he said: “You asked me to stand aside as your chancellor. I accepted.

“When you asked me to become your chancellor, I did so fully aware that the situation we were facing was incredibly difficult, with rising global interest rates and energy prices. However, your vision of optimism, growth and change was correct.”

Kvarteng continued, “As we move forward, it is important to emphasize your government’s commitment to fiscal discipline. The medium-term budget plan is crucial to achieving this goal, and I look forward to supporting you and my successor in achieving this goal from the rear ranks.

“We have been colleagues and friends for many years. At that time, I saw your dedication and determination. I believe that your vision is correct. It was an honor for me to serve as your first chancellor.

“Your success is the success of this country, and I wish you all the best.”

Jeremy Hunt has been confirmed as the new Chancellor of the United Kingdom.


After it became known about Kvarteng’s departure, figures from all over the world of music and entertainment reacted to this story.

Joe Lycett, who recently “declared he was right” when he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday political discussion show with Laura Kuenssberg, tweeted Liz Truss: “My God, I can’t believe he was also part of the anti-growth coalition, baby!! THAT’s the right way to get rid of it!!!”

On the TV show, Lycett joked that he was a “right-wing” supporter of the Conservative Party, before sarcastically stating his excitement that Truss would be appointed the next prime minister.

“Kwasi Kvarteng has existed for about as long as the extended version of Sproston Green,” Tim Burgess joked, adding later, “Maybe this government is just making a weird bid for the Turner Prize.”

Comedian Dara O’Brian added: “Sky News is asking, ‘What’s going on with Kwasi Kwarteng now?’ as if no one cares,” and Frankie Boyle tweeted: “We haven’t heard Kvasi Kvarteng for the last time yet. In five years, he’ll be a really tricky tie-breaker in a pub quiz.”



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