The world of Hydra in Doctor Strange 2 Proves that the multiverse Has Been Completely Wasted


Attention: spoilers for the movie “Doctor Strange: the Multiverse of Madness”

The introduction of Hydra World proves that Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness has squandered the concept of the multiverse. A glimpse of the place currently called “Hydra World” in Doctor Strange 2 served as an Easter egg for the villainous organization once run by the Red Skull. The villains from the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger” represent one of the biggest recurring threats on Earth.

The world of Hydra is one of the many dimensions that Dr. Strange and America Chavez briefly visited when the pair were tumbling in the multiverse. In addition to all the other bizarre locations featured in this episode, “Doctor Strange 2” transported two characters into a black-and-white universe clearly inspired by classic movies. During the second they spent on this timeline, a HYDRA airship was seen in the background. Its inclusion earned this place the name “Hydra World”. The specifics of everything that differs from this world were not explored in the film, but the HYDRA airship made one detail extremely clear: HYDRA is responsible. Whether it’s the timeline of “The First Avenger,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” or some unseen moment in MCU history, it looks like HYDRA got what she wanted in at least one of the MCU universes.

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The idea of the existence of such a place as the Hydra World is interesting, because it would certainly allow the MCU to immerse itself in a new unique corner of the multiverse. By devoting just a few minutes of screen time to the Hydra World, Marvel could use this universe as an opportunity to view a world in which the Red Skull or one of his associates actually won. A place ruled by an evil group that previously collaborated with the Nazis during World War II will naturally have an incalculable number of differences from Earth-616. However, the visit to the Hydra World flew by so quickly that it was easy to miss it. The little that was seen in it further underscores the widespread criticism of the film, which is that it greatly underutilized the MCU multiverse.

America Chavez’s ability to traverse the multiverse with its star-shaped portals led to some spectacular visuals and a thrilling fight scene at the beginning of the film, but there was still a feeling that “Doctor Strange 2” didn’t get the most out of its biggest. point of sale. Despite being titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the main story was told mostly on Earth-616, Earth-838, and a universe occupied by a variant of the Sinister Strange. This was regarded as a disappointment, especially since the plot of Doctor Strange 2 promised a story that would make full use of the concept of the multiverse.

It was expected that “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness” would explore a variety of worlds. But instead, he used only a few, and packed the rest into a single sequence of actions. The debut of Hydra World in the MCU, in particular, testifies to the missed opportunities of the film with the multiverse. Even if it was just a few minutes for each of his worlds, the MCU could do so much with this idea.