The world of college football today reacts to the terrible crowd of the University of California in Los Angeles


UCLA’s football program set a record low in attendance at the Rose Bowl in its first week, and it doesn’t seem to be much better today.

This is not what anyone predicted when Chip Kelly took over the job and updated the Bruins’ look with a Jordan Brand uniform. But this screenshot taken by Jeff Schwartz of SiriusXM shows the state of UCLA football at the moment:

“Wild atmosphere at the Rose Bowl today,” he tweeted.

The world of college football reacted to the low attendance of the Coliseum on social networks.

— Everyone went to the beach, remember? one of the users asked.

“There are more transfers than fans,” said another.

“Humanity and the Rock are about to fall off the steps,” Ken Karman said.

“The photo is not 2020,” Brayden Surprenant tweeted.

As if that wasn’t enough, the team ended up in South Alabama at halftime.


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