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After withdrawing from negotiations on the Big Ten media rights, serious questions arose related to ESPN and its “College GameDay” program.

ESPN has reportedly rejected the conference’s final offer for a seven-year, $380 million package, leading many to wonder what course the network will chart in the future.

“CFB XM says this Big Ten move is a crushing blow to ESPN Game Day,” the Ohio State writer tweeted. “In that case, why would ESPN hold Game Day on the Big Ten campus?”

Adding: “Now it brings up the Fox Big Noon pregame show with Urban, Reggie, Brady Quinn and Matt Leinert.”

The world of college football reacted to the rumors about GameDay on social networks.

“Anyway, GameDay has been lame for years,” one fan replied.

“Big noon sucks,” said another.

“With all due respect, the Big Noon show is pretty boring,” said another. “GameDay is a cultural touchstone for generations of CFB fans.”

“Wow,— tweeted Sean Crawford.

“ESPN needs competition,” commented a podcaster from Ohio State. “I stopped watching GameDay many years ago. In the future, it would be bad business for ESPN to even acknowledge the Big Ten live.”

“College GameDay is garbage, and it’s been that way for a long time,” said a Buckeyes fan. “I hope they never come to Columbus again.”

“It’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them.”


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